A big and warm WELCOME!

I am learning the techniques of metaphysics to become a metaphysics consultant one day and my ambition is to be one of the best in the German speaking world! Well this is a high set target, but I prefer to stay on an emotional and philosophical basis more for me and all who are fated to meet me rather than aiming a commercialized purpose and practicing regularly.

My homepage is in German. After living over 20 years in Germany, I feel most comfortable writing in this language. At the end, it makes sense to communicate with the potential customer in his language. On the other hand there are plenty other blogs in English about Metaphysics…

I do write and speak good English. The days where I had read Shakespeare’s „Thou shouldst not have been old till thou hadst been wise.“ are long past, but I am capable of understanding the language, which has been very opportunistic to learn BaZi SuanMing.

Some year ago, after entering a favorable luck pillar but without any focus on what to to, I came across with Feng Shui and my first attempt was to book an assessment. Very soon I canceled this because in the meantime I had some concerns about the process and I myself wanted to learn how it is done. This was the start of a journey in the depths of learning metaphysics. I did not get much further than the intermediate level of Feng Shui… Instead, my enthusiasm for learning BaZi was awake. It feels, as if I have been waiting for this one thing my whole life long.

Mine Wirth im Sandkasten

Now, I am here writing these lines on my homepage, which was primarily set up to be a medium for my several articles about science, everyday life, energies and of course about metaphysics… In the meantime I do here and there some BaZi readings in German as I am relatively confident with my interpretations. I believe in my intuition to find out the message of life a BaZi has incorporated.

I did not learn from a BaZi school or a teacher so far. I started open minded to all ways, whereas there are some masters I follow the most. Unfortunately, at my age about 50, I will not manage to learn Chinese from starch, in order to be able to read the original books, but this is also not my ambition. When I contribute expanding metaphysics knowledge in my circle of influence, I would be content

There is another reason why I cannot start learning Chinese in the next few years.. I will be learning French, because I need to know French, when I live in France. We will be immigrating (I don’t think it would be correct to call it immigration when you move within Europe) to the South of France with the whole family. There is so much to do in the coming months! It is scary, in case things will flop with this big plan, but very exciting too, as I am in love with the warm climate and laissez-faire Mediterranean lifestyle.

Top of the iceberg

Well, there is more than enough information about myself here, unfortunately in German! Before you urge your browser do the translation for you, here is some of all you need to know about my person:

  • I was born and grown up in Istanbul, a city between the continents. I learned English, then German at school. My scolar achievement was above average, but my school was one of the best in the whole Turkey… so you might guess that my gray cells are working pretty well!

  • I studied industrial engineering at the technical university (ITU) and received a Diploma. This was a great time, learning how to be efficient in production, and managing the whole company.

  • The first time I was abroad was in Vienna at about 20 years of age. After my studies I did a 6 month long practical training in the north of Germany. The region is top, but IT and programming was an area where I did not feel comfortable.

  • Resistant to start working, I decided to top my studies on business administration. At the end I attended a technical university again, this time in Kaiserslautern (sometimes referred to as KL – not to confuse with Kuala Lumpur or K-town due to the American base in Ramstein in the nearby region) I got a new Diploma, again in Industrial Engineering, but this time majoring on finance and controlling, rather than production and resources.

  • In short, I have a profound technical background and I understand how things have to be done to have an efficient outcome – This is not very helpful, if you want to get things done at home … you would know how to do it better than anyone! But please do not think I am a snob, on the contrary my life is really complicated as I want to be everywhere, ending up being nowhere…

  • My Diploma thesis was about re-engineering first, later about synergies within a corporate structure. Both topics are still very popular I would say…

  • In Summer 2000 I finally started working with one of the big names, but as a small financial analyst. My working life was not really prosperous, also my private life got stuck after some time (If you knew BaZi, this is all you can see at the first glance!). The best thing was to be able to live some „la dolce vita“ and visit some brilliant places in the world. Meanwhile I am glad my first child was on the way to change my life upside down. If I had missed that time I believe I would have had no kids at all.

  • Being a mother is not my most successful skill… I did my best! Now I have several children, much more than I had ever dreamed of in my younger days. It seems with so much support from young blood my senior days will not be boring at all… the investment was worth it, they are all brilliant!

  •  After a longer period of being a mother and being for myself I changed to a new luck pillar some years ago, and the rest of the story is already written above.

and the journey goes on…

If you are somehow familiar with BaZi, you will have guessed my energies in the meantime I hope. No, I am not giving a hint! May I assume you are interested in metaphysics somehow? I’d love to keep contact, if we have not yet met each other (virtual friendship counts here!) On my contact page you have the possibility to send me a message and just say „Hello!“.

In the meantime I am busy with moving and getting things setteled, have less ambition to set up a business some day, but very much exited to learn more! As always, there is so much to do and too less time in my life! I have exceled in priorizing so far in my choices. We will see where my path will bring me one day.

My homepage is called „Metaphysics & Reality„, and this is my motto: Live your energy! I hope to keep contact with you, sending you high vibes

– o –

That’s all folks! If you are still curious about me and want to know some fun facts… I have written plenty! Here you will need the translator, but it is definitely worth… just give a try! I had very much fun while writing them.

Mine Wirth Unterschrift

PS: From time to time I also write articles in English. Below is the first one I dared to publish at all. We will see when the next one follows…

Is this going to be a HAPPY THANKSGIVING ?

It is the time of the year when harvesting has its high time. Deep into the night I hear computer aided and GPS controlled harvesting giants working under spot lights. Thinking back and comparing to the old days, the development of technology and science have made it possible to drive the efficiency of a crops field to its sole maximum. Congratulations to all who have led to this achievement!

mehr lesen…

Show me your garden, l know who you are!

„Show me your garden“ is a suitable title in a women’s magazine like Cosmopolitan rather than in my blog… but life is so surprising that I am writing these lines here. „Gardening from a metaphysics perspective“ was my first attempt to name this text… I am glad I diverted from such a boring title, that I have not opened it myself in the first place. On the other hand this leisure reading reflects only my imagination rather than being a fact sheet… So I hope you will enjoy reading, as I did while writing!… and later I hope you will want to show me your garden too.

mehr lesen…


We all have some degrees of paranoia within our character. Also the very decent and rational people have unexplained fears which would bring them to a level of horror and helplessness. This is normal state and the less we resist against it, the more we will be able to survive in life… it is because we are humans… and humans have a really great capacity of thinking potential. It is only 5% of the brain which is used. mehr lesen…